Portland Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense and Asset Protection Lawyers

For nearly 20 years, Michael D. O’Brien & Associates, P.C. has helped Portland area Oregonians with affordable bankruptcy protection relief  and Asset Protection strategies to solve debt and financial hardships.  Each fact pattern is unique, whether you need to file a Chapter 7 to protect against wage garnishment, an asset protection Chapter 13 to stop a foreclosure, or file a Chapter 11 to restructure secured debt, our lawyers are here to help.  Perhaps your debt problem can be solved in other ways and our clients enjoy that we do not push for bankruptcy but rather strive to craft a solution that may involve Consumer Protection or Foreclosure Defense strategies.  Not only do we represent individuals and businesses with debt problems, but we also maintain a comprehensive Asset Protection practice to help individuals protect what they have before a problem can arise and put those assets at risk because sometimes the best way to avoid bankruptcy is to anticipate bankruptcy and prepare in advance.  We are here as problem solvers and provide a free consultation in the Portland area to explore your unique situation and help craft the right solution.

Bankruptcy Relief is a Federal Right and our Lawyers can help

Our bankruptcy attorneys handle each case with discretion, ingenuity, and a keen sensitivity to our clients’ interests.  Whether your fact pattern is a relatively simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a complex business Chapter 11 bankruptcy or you need to protect a home and repay your debts through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can rest assured that our bankruptcy lawyers have the expertise to help you file bankruptcy the right way.  We strive to educate our clients by openly and honestly discussing the benefits and risks of bankruptcy, as well as bankruptcy and insolvency alternatives.  Such knowledge coupled with supportive legal guidance allows our clients to make important decisions with confidence, and ultimately take control of their financial futures.

Foreclosure Defense can Protect your Home

Few things are more stressful or terrifying than the risk of losing your home.  Our attorneys are experienced in foreclosure defense and can help you navigate through this complex legal process.  Whether your goal is to save the home from foreclosure or simply to move out gracefully at a convenient time of year, our defense lawyers can help.  Sometimes a dispute develops regarding mortgage accounting or a service transfer of the loan, or perhaps you have applied for and been denied a loan modification on several occasions – we can help.  Call today to schedule a free consultation for foreclosure defense.

Asset Protection Attorneys Help Protect your Hard-Earned Assets

It takes hard work over many years to build up a nest egg to protect you in your later years of life.  It takes but a moment to lose it all.  Our lawyers have the expertise to help you legally protect your assets.  Perhaps you want to control who is entitled to inherit your nest egg?  We can help because Asset Protection includes Estate Planning strategies that take the form of a Will or a Living Trust or perhaps an irrevocable Trust.  Perhaps you are starting a business?

Consumer Protection is a Necessary Tool to Solve Complex Debt Problems

Not all people we meet with need to file bankruptcy and we frequently counsel alternative solutions.  Utilizing federal and state laws designed to protect consumers from overaggressive creditors, our consumer protection attorneys can help turn a shield into a sword.  This may happen before a bankruptcy is filed or we may fight to protect our clients after a bankruptcy is filed.  Bankruptcy is an extraordinary relief that can help you recover and move forward in life, but if a creditor doesn’t respect the Bankruptcy Court’s Order then we will fight them on your behalf.With decades of bankruptcy experience behind us, we understand that proactively addressing financial difficulty is not easy.

If you face overwhelming debt, please contact Michael D. O’Brien & Associates, P.C. to discuss your options. As our client, you can be sure that you will receive direct attorney contact, nonjudgmental advice, and workable solutions. We offer free initial consultations on most matters. Our firm also accepts referrals from other attorneys whose clients require sophisticated bankruptcy counsel.